Civic Developer Hub


Civic Pass is an on-chain solution that enables decentralized Apps (dApps) to restrict access to their offerings by vetting users in a way that protects user's privacy while giving dApp creators and users the freedom to use a dApp, knowing that all other participants have passed identity verification or liveness criteria.
dApp developers, liquidity providers and institutional participants can manage risk and create trust in the crypto ecosystem with Civic’s tools. As a dApp developer you can select the checks you want for your platform:
  • Real person liveness check (ie. no bots)
  • Global identity verification
  • Watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring (OFAC, sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks etc.)
  • IP-based location checks including VPN detection
  • Email and phone verification
As Civic Pass is an on-chain solution, your dApp users can interact your dApp through both a User Interface or an API, safe in the knowledge that all the other dApp users have been vetted.
This guide describes how to integrate your dApp with Civic Pass on Solana and Ethereum.