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Adding Civic Pass to DAOs on Solana
If you’re managing a DAO, you may have run into problems such as how to create a fair voting system, where one person is entitled to one vote. Perhaps you’ve run into other issues along the way, including how to stop account botting, how to distribute rewards fairly, and how to prevent Sybil attacks.
This is because by default, a DAO grants permission to vote through a governance token. In many cases the governance token is insufficient and identity-based constraints need to be added.
Civic Pass may be integrated into DAO platforms and solves many of the issues you may be facing because verified aspects of a member’s real-world identity may be tokenized.
Example use-cases are:
  • Sybil-resistance and one-person-one-vote
  • Location-specific DAOs
  • Bot-resistance
  • Age-gated DAOs
  • DAOs that require KYC