Chicago Hacker House 2022
Civic and are delighted to offer a bounty of $2000 to projects, physically present at the house, that integrate any of the following protocols from Civic or in a Solana project made public and live on devnet:
Civic Dev Docs:
Ignite Pass - make sure your dApp users are humans by making them solve a captcha and issue an on-chain token
Civic Pass - enable advanced permission rules such as identity verification (KYC) and country filtering for DeFi, insurance, or any other application that require verifying who the user is. Dev Docs:
Cryptid (on-chain, non-custodial proxy account)
Why integrate with Civic & Identity?
With on-chain identity, you can develop bot resistance or even guide users through advanced screening. Take your project to the next level, with our on-chain, non-custodial proxy account.
Find us at the Hacker House (look for the Identity logos):
Brett Etter, Senior Rust Engineer at, @buzzec
Phillip Shoemaker, Executive Director at, @pbsidentity
Find us on Discord:
Our devs are happy to help in Civic’s #developer channel on Discord.
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