Dialect Integration

What is Dialect

Dialect’s Smart Messaging protocol enables rich social experiences through wallet-to-wallet chat and notifications. Act on notifications from your favorite sites and say more with interactive messages to friends and family.

What does Civic Identity resolver do on Dialect

Civic Identity resolver to allow the Civic Dynamic Web3 profile information to be shown in Dialect's UI.

Why should dApp add Civic Identity resolver to their Dialect

Adding Civic's Dynamic Web3 Profiles can enhance the user experience and add more personality to your messaging implementation:

If I already have Dialect integrated to my dApp, what do I need to do

The snippet below shows how Dialect is integrated into Civic.me

export const DialectProviders: FC = ({ children }) => {
  const { wallet } = useMultiWallet();
  const { stage } = config;
  const { defaultConnection } = useConnectionList();
  const [dialectSolanaWalletAdapter, setDialectSolanaWalletAdapter] =
    useState<DialectSolanaWalletAdapter | null>(null);

  useEffect(() => {
  }, [wallet]);

  // Basic configuration for dialect. Target mainnet-beta and dialect cloud production environment
  const dialectConfig = useMemo(
    (): ConfigProps => ({
      environment: stage === Stage.prod ? "production" : "development",
      dialectCloud: {
        environment: stage === Stage.prod ? "production" : "development",
        tokenStore: "local-storage",
      identity: {
        resolvers: [
          new CivicIdentityResolver(defaultConnection),
          new DialectDappsIdentityResolver(),
          new SNSIdentityResolver(defaultConnection),
          new CardinalTwitterIdentityResolver(defaultConnection),
    [defaultConnection, stage]

  const solanaConfig: SolanaConfigProps = useMemo(
    () => ({
      wallet: dialectSolanaWalletAdapter,
  return (
    <DialectSolanaSdk config={dialectConfig} solanaConfig={solanaConfig}>
      <DialectThemeProvider variables={themeVariables}>

How do I add Dialect to my dApp

To add Dialect to your dApp, follow their guide. An easy way to get started is to adapt their reference implementation, for example: inbox example. Dialect provides an SDK with examples on how to integrate Dialect chat into your dApp.

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