Rewards Management in Web3 Gaming

Securing In-Game Rewards Distribution with On-Demand Verification

Managing and distributing in-game rewards securely is a vital aspect of Web3 gaming, which often incorporates blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. These new tools for enhancing player ownership and value creation come with unique security challenges when it comes to fair reward distribution.

Game developers now have better tools to ensure player uniqueness, as well as affirm that rewards are claimed by legitimate players who maintain control of their wallets, preventing issues like reward farming through multiple accounts or unauthorized access. One of these tools, Civic Pass, provides a flexible, blockchain-based identity verification system that can be seamlessly integrated into gaming platforms to address these challenges.

How Civic Pass Protects Rewards Distribution

Civic Pass allows game developers to implement a force refresh mechanism, ensuring that players' identities and wallet control are verified in real time before claiming rewards. This adds an extra layer of security to the rewards distribution process, protecting both the game economy and honest players.

Key Benefits of Civic Pass for Rewards Management

  • Real-Time Verification: By implementing a forced refresh of Civic Pass with a simple feature flag at the point of reward claiming, developers can ensure that the player still has control of their wallet and meets the required criteria.

  • Prevent Reward Farming: The ability to expire passes and re-check a player's status helps prevent sophisticated farming techniques that might otherwise exploit the reward system.

  • Flexible Integration: Civic Pass can be easily integrated into existing game architectures, allowing developers to implement secure reward claiming without overhauling their entire system.

  • Multi-Chain Support: With support for multiple blockchains, Civic Pass can be used across various gaming platforms and ecosystems.

Understanding Civic Pass Types

Civic offers several types of passes, each suited for different verification needs:

  1. Liveness Pass: Requires a video selfie to prove that a real person is claiming rewards.

  2. Uniqueness Pass: Combines liveness check with additional measures to prevent one person from creating more than one account, which is crucial for preventing multi-account abuse in reward systems.

  3. ID Verification Pass: Provides the highest level of verification, including government ID checks. It is suitable for high-value rewards or regulatory compliance needs.

For most gaming reward systems, the Liveness or Uniqueness Pass would be most appropriate, balancing security with user experience. ID Verification Passes can be suitable where the rewards can be easily converted to money or money-like assets and can be subject to financial sanctions.

Implementing Civic Pass for Rewards Management

  1. Set Up Civic Pass Integration

First, integrate Civic Pass into your gaming platform. This involves implementing the Civic Pass frontend component and setting up the necessary smart contract interactions. For detailed instructions, refer to the Civic Pass Integration Guide.

  1. Configure Force Refresh

Implement a force refresh mechanism that triggers when a player attempts to claim rewards. This can be done by setting the forceRequireRefresh flag to true in your Civic Pass configuration.

  1. Verify Pass Status Before Reward Distribution

Before distributing rewards, check the status of the player's Civic Pass. If the pass has expired or needs refreshing, require the player to go through the verification process again

  1. Implement Reward Distribution Logic

Once the Civic Pass has been verified and refreshed, proceed with your reward distribution logic. This might involve interacting with a smart contract to transfer tokens or updating an in-game inventory.

Benefits of Game Rewards Management through Civic Pass

  • Daily Reward Claims: Implement Civic Pass checks for daily login rewards to ensure that each claim is made by a unique, verified player.

  • Tournament Prizes: Before distributing large prize pools, use Civic Pass to verify the identity and wallet control of tournament winners.

  • Limited-Time Events: During special in-game events with valuable rewards, use force refresh to maintain the integrity of the event and prevent exploitation.

  • Play-to-earn Models: In blockchain games with play-to-earn mechanics, use Civic Pass to help only legitimate players claim earned rewards.

  • Fair Competition: Prevent artificial boosting and resource exploitation by ensuring player uniqueness.

  • Simplifying Moderation and Rule Enforcement: Facilitate effective rule enforcement and prevent banned players from creating new accounts.

If you're a game developer looking to protect your reward system and ensure fair play, we encourage you to explore Civic Pass and contact us for further assistance.

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