Realms is the DAO governance platform on Solana, using the spl-governance program.

Civic Pass can be added to a DAO on Realms using the "plugin" system.

When using the Realms UI, no coding is required to integrate Civic Pass into your DAO. Simply follow the steps in the Realms docs page.

See section below for Civic Pass verifications available via the Realms UI. To add a pass not included in the UI dropdown, choose "Other" and enter the address manually.

Quick Reference: If you are looking for the "Community Voter Weight Add-in" to enter into the DAO Parameters, it is GgathUhdrCWRHowoRKACjgWhYHfxCEdBi5ViqYN6HVxk

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting up a DAO on Realms and protecting it with Civic Pass

Choosing a Civic Pass Verification

Pass Type



User-interpreted input

Determines bot or not

Proof of Personhood

Video selfie to determine 1-user-1-wallet

Limits one user to one wallet only and prevent Sybil attacks

Proof of Personhood

Video selfie to determine human or bot

Verifies a user's real-world identity using government issues ID documents

Please review the Civic Pass Terms of Service carefully before continuing. By installing or integrating the Civic Pass (or CAPTCHA) plugin, you agree to Civic Pass Terms of Service on behalf of the organization, company or other legal entity for which you act; and represent that you have the authority to bind the same.

If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree with this the Civic Pass Terms of Service, you must not continue and may not use the Services.

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