Dynamic Web3 Profiles
A dynamic Web3 profile is a Civic.me profile with a custom name, headline, and PFP NFT image selected by the user from the associated .sol, did, or wallet address.
Use this SDK for easy retrieval of the civic.me profile data and the Civic passes associated with it.
Realms implementation of Civic's Dynamic Web3 Proflies

Use Cases
  • Utilize addresses to gain access to rich profile information
  • Check for Civic Passes - Provides verification properties of addresses such as age check, uniqueness, ID document verification, and KYC.

Simply import the SDK and load a profile as follows:
import { CivicProfile, Profile } from "@civic/profile";
// Query using a wallet address, did or .sol domain
const profile: Profile = await CivicProfile.get("query");
The corresponding profile result will contain the following data:
// The resolved public key
// The resolved did
// A civic.me profile name, if available
// A civic.me profile image, if available
// A civic.me profile headline, if available

This returns a list of Civic passes owned by the profile's keys.
// A Solana Connection is required in order to query for passes. Public devnet used as an example here:
import { Connection, clusterApiUrl } from "@solana/web3.js";
import { CivicProfile, Profile, GatewayToken } from "@civic/profile";
const solanaConnection: Connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl("devnet"));
const profile: Profile = await CivicProfile.get("query", { solana: { connection }});
const passes: GatewayToken[] = await profile.getPasses();
By default, multiple pass types are queried. A blockchain RPC call is made for each combination of public key & pass type. The list of pass types to query can be overridden. A pass type is represented by its corresponding Gatekeeper Network address on Solana.
const passes: GatewayToken[] = await profile.getPasses(["ni1jXzPTq1yTqo67tUmVgnp22b1qGAAZCtPmHtskqYG"]);

This returns a list of Solana public keys associated with the profile.
const profile: Profile = await CivicProfile.get("query");
const linkedKeys: PublicKey[] = await profile.getLinkedPublicKeys();
A queried profile returns the following data:
GatewayToken {
issuingGatekeeper: PublicKey,
gatekeeperNetwork: PublicKey,
owner: PublicKey,
state: 'ACTIVE',
publicKey: PublicKey,
programId: PublicKey,
expiryTime: 1663038793
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