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API Reference

In the Customer API, the term chain refers to a blockchain programming model and the term chainNetwork to a network of the chain. For example, a "Layer 2" network like Polygon, which is using the ethereum (EVM) programming model is represented as /pass/ethereum/matic.


Authentication follows the OAuth standard. The Civic authentication endpoint is The grant_type to request is client_credentials.
To manage API authentication we recommend using one of the available OAuth libraries.

Try it out!

You can try out the Civic Pass Customer API by using the following demo credentials to generate an OAuth token:
  • client_id: j5kwZ68j4bM8fdPAYKu7DlGQGr37eNPs
  • client_secret: S1qSiacDUDPRVfxiSvwsRASxE0fH47U60eYeNYIt4JKSVSsgo2yy0n6V-Uz1IYBK
The demo credentials only work for the development networks, i.e.
  • solana/devnet
  • ethereum/goerli
Also, please keep in mind that since these are shared credentials, i.e. others have access to the same Civic Passes and can , for example, freeze them.
To receive access to the production / mainnet Customer API please contact us.
Issue a Civic Pass
Retrieve a Civic Pass.
Revoke a Civic Pass
Update a Civic Pass
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