You can try out the Civic Pass API by using the following demo credentials to generate an OAuth token:

  • client_id: j5kwZ68j4bM8fdPAYKu7DlGQGr37eNPs

  • client_secret: S1qSiacDUDPRVfxiSvwsRASxE0fH47U60eYeNYIt4JKSVSsgo2yy0n6V-Uz1IYBK

Keep in mind that since these are shared credentials, others have access to the same Civic Passes and can, for example, freeze them.

The demo credentials only work for these development networks:

  • solana/devnet

  • ethereum/goerli

  • ethereum/polygonMumbai

  • ethereum/xdcApothem

  • ethereum/arbitrumGoerli

  • ethereum/fantomTestnet


To test your integration on testnet, use this Gatekeeper network address:


To receive access to the production / mainnet API and set up your own custom Civic Pass, contact us.

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