Realms Integration
Adding Civic Pass to DAOs on Solana
Realms is the DAO governance platform on Solana, using the spl-governance program.
Civic Pass can be added to a DAO on Realms using the "plugin" system.
When using the Realms UI, no coding is required to integrate Civic Pass into your DAO. Simply follow the steps in the Realms docs page.

Choosing a Civic Pass Verification

Below are the Civic Pass verifications available via the Realms UI. To add a pass not included in the UI dropdown, choose "Other" and enter the address manually.
A pass that links a user's identity to a single wallet, bringing sybil-attack resistance and non-plutocratic voting systems to Solana DAOs.
ID Verification
ID Document-based full KYC. Contact us for access or join our Discord Server.
ID Verification for DeFi
ID Document-based full KYC with "DeFi-friendly" region restrictions. Contact us for access or join our Discord Server.
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