Preventing Bot Activity

Ensuring Fairness and Security in Smart Contracts

While bots can serve many beneficial roles, such as automating tasks and providing useful data, malicious bots have become widespread in the Web3 ecosystem. They disrupt fair access and participation in activities such as airdrops, reward distributions, gaming, NFT mints, decentralized governance, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. These harmful automated scripts can exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts, manipulate markets, and gain unfair advantages over human users. Civic offers a robust solution to address this challenge through Civic Pass.

How Civic Pass Works for Bot Prevention

As a multi-chain, wallet-agnostic identity and access management solution designed for Web3 applications, Civic Pass allows developers to implement various verification mechanisms to ensure that only legitimate human users can interact with their smart contracts. Two key types of Civic Pass that are particularly effective in bot prevention are:


This pass requires users to solve a CAPTCHA challenge before they can execute a transaction on a smart contract. CAPTCHAs are a well-established method for distinguishing humans from bots in the Web2 world, and Civic Pass brings this functionality to the blockchain.

Liveness Pass

This pass requires users to complete a liveness check, typically involving a video selfie, to prove they are real humans, not bots. This adds an extra layer of security, making it significantly more difficult for bots to impersonate human users.

The verification process is seamless for users, and the on-chain nature of Civic Pass ensures the integrity and immutability of the verification results.

Civic Bot Prevention Applications

Smart contract developers can use Civic for bot prevention across various Web3 applications, including:

  • NFT Mints/Sales

    • Protect NFT launches from bot manipulation, ensuring fair access and distribution to genuine collectors.

  • DAO Governance

    • Safeguard DAO voting mechanisms from Sybil attacks and ensure that real community members make governance decisions.

  • DeFi Protocols

    • Mitigate the risk of flash loan attacks and other bot-driven exploits that can disrupt DeFi markets.

  • Gaming

    • Ensure fair competition by preventing bots from creating multiple accounts or manipulating gameplay.

  • Token Sales and Airdrops. Verify the eligibility of participants and prevent bots from hoarding tokens.

Implementation Process

Integrating Civic Pass into your smart contract is straightforward. Here's a high-level guide for the process:

  1. Choose Your Pass. Select the appropriate Civic Pass type (CAPTCHA Pass or Liveness Pass) based on your specific requirements.

  2. Integrate the SDK. Install the Civic Pass SDK for your chosen blockchain platform and follow the integration instructions.

  3. Configure Verification. Set up the verification parameters in your smart contract, specifying the required Civic Pass and any additional criteria.

  4. Verify On-Chain. During contract execution, verify the presence and validity of the Civic Pass using the provided on-chain verification functions.

Additional Bot Prevention Strategies

While CAPTCHA and Liveness checks are effective initial barriers against bots, more sophisticated bots may still attempt to bypass them. Civic Pass offers a flexible framework for implementing additional bot prevention strategies, such as

  • Rate Limiting. Restrict the number of transactions a user can perform within a certain timeframe.

  • Transaction Analysis. Analyze transaction patterns to identify and flag suspicious activity.

By combining these strategies with Civic Pass, developers can create a multi-layered defense against bot activity, ensuring the security and integrity of their Web3 applications.

Get Civic Pass for Your Smart Contracts

Civic Pass empowers smart contract developers with a powerful tool to limit bot activity in Web3. By leveraging CAPTCHA and Liveness checks, along with other advanced strategies, developers can create a more secure and equitable environment for all users. If you're a developer looking to protect your Web3 application from bots, we encourage you to explore all the features of the Civic Pass and contact us for further assistance or special requests.

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