Ignite Pass
To help streamline your NFT mint bot protection, we provide Ignite Pass along with a Pass Portal for free.
Civic has integrated Civic Pass into Metaplex's Candy Machine and maintain a fork of Candy Machine which is fully compatible with Metaplex's Token Metadata standard.

Ignite Pass anti-bot real person verification

To confirm the wallet holder is a real person, users will be required to do a video selfie to verify their liveness and get issued a pass.
Try out the Ignite Pass experience yourself by visiting the Pass Portal ->

Civic Pass Portal

To make it easier to start using an Ignite Pass, we provide a Pass Portal site where you can send your users to get their Ignite Pass issued to the wallet they will use to mint: https://getpass.civic.com/
Add the backend and front end checks on your Candy Machine or FLP, and ask the members of your community to get their pass before the mint!
An Ignite Pass remains active for 24 hours to limit the options of malicious botters verifying multiple wallets. If a user tries to use an inactive pass, it will automatically prompt them to refresh it.
Last modified 23d ago
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